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Ready Intern

Work Ready is addressing two issues: the labor shortage in child care and the employment rate among lower income citizens. The program will recruit TANF eligible individuals to participate in a paid internship in early childhood classrooms while concurrently enrolling in postsecondary academic coursework or training in early childhood education.

If you would like to become an intern, apply below:

Woman participating in a paid internship in Early Child Care and Early Chilhood Education
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The goal of Work Ready is to provide a track towards permanent employment in the licensed child care industry. This project is funded under a Grant Contract with the State of Tennessee.

Referring Agencies

If you would like to become a providing agency, please apply below.

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We look forward to working with our partners to ensure happy outcomes for

our families and children. Below are a few of the services Work Ready offers.

  • Provide paid internships with high quality providers for up to 15 hours a week

  • Offer Educational training through Chattanooga State Technical Community College at our location

  • Provide holistic case management to meet familial need

Provider and Intern


View the attached document

to view qualifying requirements for providers and inters.

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